Arvada, Colorado Real Estate & Living Scoop

Located just north of Denver, Arvada is a growing town with plenty to offer new residents. It has a cozy and quaint downtown district and is a popular place for young families or people who want to be close to the Rocky Mountains while not being too far away from Denver. Arvada has tons of trails, easy access to the mountains, bigger homes and more land than Denver, plus good food and fun things to do!

Fast Facts about Arvada, Colorado

  • Location: just 10 miles northwest of downtown Denver, Colorado
  • School Districts: Most public schools in Arvada are in Jefferson County School District (JEFFCO Public Schools)
  • Attractions: Olde Town Arvada and the Arvada Center
  • Outdoor Spaces: Majestic View Nature Center
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Just north of Denver, a home in Arvada means you have views of the mountains when you are going to and from your home. It is close to the foothills and is a place where you can live close to the mountains but not pay mountain prices. Arvada has many festivals as well as galleries. It is a vibrant, growing town with lots of young families. 

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Best Places to Eat in Arvada

Arvada boasts a diverse culinary scene catering to various tastes:

  • Schoolhouse Kitchen & Libations: Indulge in American cuisine and craft cocktails within a historic schoolhouse setting.
  • Steuben’s Arvada: Savor comfort food classics like chicken and waffles and green chili cheeseburgers.
  • Bread Winners Cafe: Start your day with hearty breakfast options, including omelets and pancakes.
  • Arvada Tavern: Experience retro-inspired charm while enjoying craft cocktails and an upscale menu.
  • Homegrown Tap & Dough: Delight in wood-fired pizza and a wide selection of craft beers.

School Districts

Arvada residents benefit from access to excellent educational opportunities within the Jefferson County School District. This district encompasses a range of schools, from elementary to high school, offering diverse and high-quality education options to meet the needs of the community.

Nearby Attractions

  • Olde Town Arvada: Step into a historic district that captures the essence of Arvada’s past. Explore charming boutiques, cafes, and restaurants, and be sure to attend the First Friday Art Walks to witness the local artistic talent on display.
  • The Arvada Center: Immerse yourself in the arts and culture scene at the Arvada Center. This cultural hub hosts a diverse array of performances, exhibitions, and events throughout the year, showcasing world-class talent in an intimate setting.
  • The mountains! Arvada is located much closer to the mountains than Denver and on busy days this can make a huge difference in the time you spend in your car getting to the mountains.

Parks & Outdoor Spaces

Nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers will find a haven in Arvada.

Majestic View Nature Center: Nestled in the heart of Arvada, this nature center offers an immersive experience in the region’s natural beauty. Explore extensive trails winding through diverse ecosystems, ideal for birdwatching, wildlife observation, and family picnics. Educational programs and interactive exhibits make it perfect for both learning and leisure.

Community and Lifestyle

Arvada’s vibrant community and thriving lifestyle are something to cherish. Friendly neighbors, community festivals, farmers markets, concerts, and art exhibits foster connections and create a sense of belonging. The town boasts a diverse range of restaurants, cafes, and shops, offering culinary delights and retail experiences to suit every taste and style.

Convenient Location

One of Arvada’s major advantages is its prime location within the Denver-Boulder corridor. This strategic position ensures easy access to both Denver and Boulder, two dynamic cities with abundant employment opportunities, cultural attractions, and entertainment options. Commuting is hassle-free thanks to well-connected highways and public transportation systems, allowing residents to enjoy the best of city life while savoring the peaceful atmosphere of Arvada.

Real Estate in Arvada, Colorado

Arvada offers a diverse range of housing options to accommodate different preferences and budgets. From cozy apartments and townhomes to spacious single-family houses, there’s a home for everyone in this vibrant community. Arvada is a place we have helped many families relocate to from Denver as their needs for space increase. The real estate market in Arvada is competitive, with a mix of historic homes and modern developments, making it an attractive destination for homebuyers looking to invest in a thriving community.

Pros and Cons of Arvada, Colorado


  • Quaint Downtown: Olde Town Arvada offers a charming historic district with unique shops and eateries.
  • Educational Excellence: Arvada residents benefit from a top-notch education through the Jefferson County School District.
  • Nature Oasis: Majestic View Nature Center beckons outdoor enthusiasts with its natural serenity and educational programs. Plus did we mention the mountain views yet?!
  • Proximity to Denver: Enjoy the tranquility of suburban life while having easy access to Denver’s amenities.


  • Traffic: As with many parts of the Denver metropolitan area, Arvada can experience congestion during peak hours. Especially as the town population grows. 
  • Cost of Living: While generally more affordable than Denver, the cost of living in Arvada has been on the rise.
  • Limited Public Transportation: Public transit options may not be as extensive as in larger cities, potentially necessitating car use.


Arvada, Colorado, seamlessly blends small-town charm with urban convenience, offering an attractive lifestyle choice within the vibrant Denver metropolitan area. With its excellent school district, historic Olde Town Arvada, cultural gems like the Arvada Center, and the natural beauty of the foothills, Arvada has something for everyone. 

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